Cost down Workshop

To compete successfully in any market segment it is essential to gain detailed insight into the products of other market participants including the features and production costs of the products. We can provide comprehensive benchmarking and best practice know-how which will enable you to improve your position in the market.

We can draw on experience gained in numerous benchmarking projects in a diverse range of industry sectors. This enables us not only to contribute our specialist know-how to the project in hand but also to take cross-industry solutions into account in the benchmarking analyses.

In order to guarantee an optimal project environment, we have set up our own benchmarking centre at our headquarter with space to allow several products (for example, cars) to be dismantled and analysed side-by-side. The building also has a number of rooms for presentations and seminars allowing us to conduct cost-down workshops with up to 50 participants.

AWS Cost Engineering & Innovation Partner - Cost Down Workshop - Benchmark