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Innovations usually need a wide range of project approaches in order to grow and be successful in the long-term. All the processes described here to support this development are approaches which have been tried and tested over many years. They are all designed to deliver the best possible solution for the problem in hand.

Cost down Workshop

To compete successfully in any market segment it is essential to gain detailed insight into the products of other market participants including the features and production costs of the products. We can provide comprehensive benchmarking and best practice know-how which will enable you to improve your position in the market.

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Innovation Partner Cost Down Workshop

Design to cost

The development of new market-driven products is heavily influenced by the cost targets set in the early phase of development (design to cost/dtc). Ensuring these targets are met is often crucial in determining whether a particular product is successful in the market or not.

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design to cost

Agile development
Development support

Driving forward projects in an agile development organisation requires extremely good cost discipline, which applies to both project costs and product costs. The agile approach involves making adjustments as you go along in order to reach the goal of the project. Transparent cost management and accurate process analyses are the only way to control the ensuing spiral of costs.

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Agile Entwicklungsbegleitung
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The implementation of the potential cost reductions resulting from a costing/cost analysis proves time and again to be a significant challenge for businesses, especially when external support on costing is involved and their assignment has been completed and the results handed over.

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Procurement strategy
Make or buy

The range of tasks which technical procurement is required to perform has widened continuously in recent years. In procurement management, understanding suppliers’ price structures in order to improve cost transparency is, in the meantime, part of the basic repertoire of any successful procurement organisation.

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Make or buy decision

Process analysis

Established production processes are In particular in the event of a change in management or when manufacturing facilities are purchased, an independent analysis of the existing cost structures is a clear game-changer when it comes to optimising processes. The analysis delivers a clear picture of the costs incurred by each department and function and indicates to what extent the current costing reflects actual conditions.

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Prozessanalyse Kostenanalyse