Tool Costing

Determining optimal tooling concepts for the volume produced and the particular manufacturing process not only plays a significant role when awarding a contract. In particular where small production volumes are concerned, knowledge about the real value of the tools and equipment needed in the production process provides a crucial advantage in negotiations and consequently delivers a competitive advantage. In addition to the production costs, the planning and development costs as well as the financing and logistics expenses are all taken into account.

Analysing tooling costs

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    Data provided by the customer

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    Recording the costing assumptions

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    Determining the tooling concept

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    Presentation of results

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    Negotiating support

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    Simulation of changes (location, design, concept)


What is tool costing?

Tool costing is a detailed breakdown of costs which analyses the costs of various tooling concepts. Which components are involved in the tooling concept and how are the costs distributed? How can the technical specifications be implemented in a cost-effective manner (volume, technical requirements, tolerances)? What should be taken into account on procurement? Are there any country-specific factors involved?

In order to obtain certainty about these and many other questions, AWS Tool Costing, together with the data used, can generate useful facts. And with this knowledge at your fingertips, as a business you are better placed in upcoming negotiations. Twenty years of experience in cost engineering has shown us that significant savings can be achieved through the use of tool costing.

Tooling as a cost driver

The production costs of tooling, for example for casting or forming, are impacted by a number of factors. The complexity of tooling involved in manufacturing a product has increased by more than 30% in the last 10 years. At the same time there are ever-increasing variations of the same component. On top of this there are logistics costs and rising personnel expenses. All this puts increasing demands on cost transparency. This is also vital in order to be able to evaluate suppliers. What is required are tooling experts with the necessary costing engineering know-how.

AWS tool costing - negotiation strategy

Extensive tool costing knowledge

AWS Tool Costing covers almost all common manufacturing technologies. AWS Tool Costing is based on costing experience of over 20 years, in which time we have built up know-how in numerous technologies. This knowledge enables us to generate not just the detailed costing analysis but also a parametric costing of numerous tooling technologies (plastic injection moulding, cutting, casting etc.).

Tool Costing - Manufacturing technology knowledge

Part Geometry

Detailed tool costing allows the relationship between the cost of parts and tooling costs to be calculated exactly. We deploy both our own Office-compatible tool to do this as well as other common software solutions.

Tool Costing Software Part Geometry

International materials and manufacturing data

Our database holds international country-specific indicators, such as data on machines and materials or machine hour rates. This information can be configured individually in AWS Tool Costing even after the costing has been completed in order to provide realistic cost scenarios for various requirements.

Tool Costing - Country specific know-how

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