Design to cost

The development of new market-driven products is heavily influenced by the cost targets set in the early phase of development (design to cost/dtc). Ensuring these targets are met is often crucial in determining whether a particular product is successful in the market or not.

Design to Cost

We develop potential
cost reductions

Questioning familiar and established manufacturing technologies is often associated with the risk of poorer quality or lack of manufacturing or testing know-how. This means that potential cost reductions arising from changes in secondary conditions, for example changes in production volume meaning that other technologies are more suitable, remain undiscovered. These can be determined through design to cost.


We support you with a detailed analysis of your existing and/or pipeline products. We also look into the potential for alternative manufacturing or assembly techniques in the product design and work out recommendations for more cost-efficient implementation of your requirements. Various approaches can be compared as early on as the concept phase and initial indications of the cost drivers can be evaluated. The analysis at this stage is based on sketches, drawings, CAD models, prototypes or initial samples.

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