Training & education

The ability to estimate or even calculate product and tool costs correctly is an important part of good purchasing and development work. The necessary know-how in companies is often technical or business oriented. In building up their own expertise in cost analysis, companies face the challenge of merging their manufacturing know-how with accounting know-how. The enablement of your employees plays a major role in our project work. We support you here by providing training and education on value analysis and cost engineering.

Improve your cost engineering skills

We offer standardised training blocks such as technology and purchasing training, as well as interactive cost engineering & value management workshops. In addition, we provide education on customer-specific topics and impart knowledge on concrete problems. By training your specialists in cost engineering, they learn to calculate product and production process costs better and more accurately. They can make better decisions by understanding the costs of purchased goods. Also, the results of the calculations can be used to negotiate more effectively with suppliers. Training and education in cost engineering will sustainably increase the profitability of your company.

Content of AWS cost engineering training and education

  • Basics of cost accounting and calculation
  • Calculation of cycle times of manufacturing technologies
  • Negotiation of cost evaluation results
  • Production technologies (according to customer requirements and know-how)
Schulungen und Trainings

State of the Art

Our experienced instructors are always highly practice-orientated thanks to our own manufacturing facilities and the close contact we maintain with a number of universities, which enables us to make the link between practice and up-to-date theory. We also have high quality visual aids to back up the theoretical knowledge with topic-related examples. In addition, our specialists can fill technical or economic gaps through targeted training and education by contribute their own know-how. Always in the context of a better and more detailed understanding of your cost structures and those of your suppliers, and the strengthening of your purchasing function.

Trainings und Schulungen Cost Engineering

Our training and education rooms

AWS will be happy to conduct cost engineering training and education courses at your premises. We have our own presentation and training rooms at our headquarters in Au-Hallertau, too. Her we have the possibility to teach up to 50 participants at the same time. We coordinate the training content with you and adapt it to your individual requirements.

AWS Systemtechnik GmbH in Au-Hallertau

Build up know-how

Get the right expertise for your employees through an appropriate and individualised cost engineering workshop. Just ask us.